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LogMeIn Rescue for Windows

Remotely help friends and colleagues with their computer and phone problems

LogMeIn Rescue is a remote access service that makes it easy to help and support friends, co-workers, and clients with their PC problems.

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  • Simple, complete remote access
  • Asks for a lot of confirmation
  • Full trial lets you find out if it suits your needs


  • Slightly jittery cursor
  • I hope the person being helped knows how much control they are surrendering...
  • At points it is more complicated than is perhaps necessary for inexperienced users

Very good

LogMeIn Rescue is a remote access service that makes it easy to help and support friends, co-workers, and clients with their PC problems.

Remotely connect

Starting a free trial of LogMeIn Rescue, I was struck by how simple the process was. Using a compatible browser – in my case Firefox - the service installed a small plugin which gave me access to the LogMeIn Rescue control panel. From here I could contact the desired person to help them with their PC, Mac, compatible Android device, and even Blackberry issues.

Admittedly the control panel is a little complex for novice users, with fields such as Session ID, Channel, Status, and other terms that you are yet to learn. But experienced newcomers will quickly pick up the process thanks to the simple walk through which show how to create a secure private session, contact the other user, and quickly get to helping.

Help your friends

From inside the control panel you can email, or SMS, the person in need of assistance. Once they connect by running a small applet download and enter the pin you have generated, you can control their desktop from your screen. This works very well, allowing you complete access to the recipient’s computer – though occasionally cursor movement is confusingly jittery.

If you are the person being helped, then after the simple installation and connection process, the usefulness of the program will be down to your helper’s expertise. You can monitor what they are doing, and easily stop them if they are doing anything you are uncomfortable with. This is important as your computer or device will think that they are you, giving them full admin access (assuming you have an admin account).

Try for free

LogMeIn Rescue is an incredibly handy and cheap way to help a less experienced user. Its control panel is not simple, but anyone intending to help another with their computer should be able to navigate it. Plus, its trial means that next time your parents have computer issues you should be able to help remotely for free – though you will have to pay once your trial is over.

Support PCs, macs and mobile devices securely over the web

Instantly provide remote support to anyone in the world. No cape or pre-installed software required.

With LogMeIn Rescue, you can start a support session in just 60 seconds. Connect 24/7 to PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. You’ll get in, solve the problem and save the day without ever leaving your desk.

Simplify the support process for your team and end users
    Quickly and securely access, view and fix remote devices
    Reduce costs and improve productivity – no more onsite visits
    Support anytime, even if users are away from their computers

And best of all, Rescue’s SaaS-based platform means upgrades are free and there’s zero maintenance.

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LogMeIn Rescue


LogMeIn Rescue

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